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When should I replace my water heater?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Warm running water is an important component in every household. Warm water is needed for bathing, scrubbing off tough substances, cooking, laundry, washing hands and dishes among other uses. Some estimates put it that on average each person uses warm water up to 20 times a day. This means that the demand for water heating is high. Given this, it is important to ensure that the water heating system is functioning properly at all times. By observing carefully, you can tell when the water heater needs replacement. 

Here are some steps to follow:

Step one: Testing the water. If upon turning the tap you find that the water is cold even after three minutes, it means that the water heater is not functioning properly and may need replacement.

Step two: Checking the duration of the water temperature. Here you simply need to ascertain how long the water stays hot. If you find that it is not lasting as it used to, there might be an issue with the tank and there will be a need to replace it.

Step three: Check for puddles. You need to look at the floor around the water heating tank. Is there any standing water? If you find that there are pools of water around the tank or some stream of water flowing from it, chances are high that there is a major leak which will require some replacement.

Step four: Are there small leaks? To ascertain this, you need to inspect the connections on the fittings and the plumbing. If you find that there is sludge or corrosion, most likely it is a leak, something which signals replacement of the tank.

Step five: Listening. This involves listening to the water heater. If you find that there are frequent clanging noises or there are pops or some other strange sounds, a mechanical problem might be the case. This is something which would warrant an urgent replacement if you are to continue enjoying warm water in your house.

Step six: What is the age of the tank? Is the tank older than ten years? Most of the water heaters come with a warranty of five to ten years. However, many are known to last even beyond the warrant period. In case you notice some issues after the expiry of the warrant, it might be a signal that a new water heater is required.

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