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Preparing Your Home for Winter Weather

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

With winter closing in quickly, you need to be proactive about winterizing your home. You can’t afford to let the cold seep into your house. Frigid weather can cause illnesses or worse. This winter, protect yourself. Snow and cold are more tolerable when you’re bundled up tightly in a blanket, sitting near a working heater. Take our advice -- be proactive.

Preparing for Blizzards

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), homeowners can prepare themselves for a blizzard by gathering these materials:

      Snow shovels – More than one per home is recommended, as one may break. If you have two working shovels, you can recruit another shoveler and get done in half the time.

      Extra fuel – Whether your home uses firewood, propane, or a generator, be sure to have spare fuel on hand, just in case the power goes out.

      Food and water – Stocking up on both food and water is crucial. If you lose power and the roads are closed, a trip to the grocery store may become impossible. Be prepared!

Winterizing Your Home

The high winds, ice, and excessive moisture of winter storms can wreak havoc on any home, especially one with roof tiles. First and foremost, examine your roof tiles, shutters, and siding to ensure everything is secure. Then, seal any air leaks you find in your home to lower energy waste and keep everyone warm. Finally, trim any tree branches away from the house. If a storm knocks over a tree, you want it to fall away from your home.

If you complete these simple tasks, you can count on effectively weathering any winter storms and preventing damage or illness. Everyone indoors will certainly thank you!

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